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When you are out of school and working in a company, it becomes really difficult to find materials to study for promotion exams. So, we thought of helping all you guys and girls out there preparing for the exam. We wish best of luck to all of you and hope that this effort will help you in scoring good in your exams.
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ambachiever | BSNL LDCE Preparation

Our mission is to make the test preparation available and that too at affordable prices, so that anyone giving promotion exam in BSNL can practice and prepare for the exam at just a click of mouse.

Why Use This?
You can use this website to study the materials for exam. There are plenty of multiple choice questions to practice for you. All the practice sets are as per the new syllabus. You can also monitor your progress under statistics from time to time. You can try demo version for free.

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How to use This?
You will have to register online and pay the fees as per your plan. Register now and pay to get the minimum rates. Once you register and pay the fees online you will be approved within 24 hours after receipt of payment. After this you can use our various tests and prepare yourself for coming LDCE. However you can take the demo test right now. Please take our demo to see the pattern. You can also take the guide tour for how to use ambachiever's ldce preparation.

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How to Register and purchase this package?
Go to register page of LDCE and fill the form. Once the form submission is complete you will see the Pay Now button. Click on that and pay the fees as per your plan. Payment is being made through paypal and is highly secure. Once we receive the payment confirmation, you will be approved by our administrator to use ambachiever's LDCE preparation. After this you can use our various tests and prepare yourself for coming LDCE. So what are you waiting for, register now!!

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